Next Pointed Pen Club Office Hour

I’ve scheduled the next pointed pen club ‘office hour’ for Thursday, April 9, from 6:30pm – 8pm.

I’ll be at the Jebena coffee shop, 990 Polk St. (at Geary). The best way to get there is to take the 38 bus (west/east along Geary/O’farrell) or the 19 bus (north/south along Polk).

Look for the “Calligraphy Club Office Hour” sign

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Calligraphy classes update

The Spencerian calligraphy classes at Urban Bazaar will be taking a hiatus.  The teacher is taking some time off to pursue other teaching opportunities, and to work on revising the curriculum, course structure, and handout materials.  It is anticipated that the classes might start up again possibly in late 2014.

Meanwhile, the individual lessons course will still be available!! — see the “Lessons” tab for more details, and use the “Contact” form for inquiries about signing up for individual lessons.

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December Workshops at Urban Bazaar

Hey everyone,

Here are the upcoming calligraphy workshops at Urban Bazaar:

Session 1’s: December 4 and December 11, 7pm – 9:30pm

Session 2: December 17, 7pm – 9:30pm

For complete workshop descriptions, details, and to get your ticket, go to the Urban Bazaar Class and Workshop Site.

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February workshop totally sold out – again!

Once again, February’s calligraphy workshop is completely filled up!  What a smart and talented group of 8 students showed up for it.  And now there is even a waiting list for future workshops!

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November workshop sold out!

November’s calligraphy workshop completely sold out – 2nd month in a row.  Who would have guessed there would be such a huge demand for pointed pen calligraphy, Spencerian script no less, in San Francisco?

We had the first session on Wednesday with 8 super eager and talented students.

Plans are in the works for a January workshop.  Stay tuned.

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October workshop full!

Great news for everyone who loves the pointed pen arts!

Here in San Francisco, the true golden city of the West, the October calligraphy workshop has already completely sold out to the enrollment cap of 9 students.

Another similar workshop will be scheduled for November 7 and 14.  Appropriately enough, Nov. 7 is P. R. Spencer‘s birthday!

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Pointed Pens for Peace Calligraphy Evening

Friday, August 31, 2012 – 6:30pm to 8pm.

Hosted by the Red Vic Peaceful World Center, 1665 Haight Street, San Francisco

This enjoyable, interactive event will present the art of pointed pen calligraphy, focusing on Spencerian scripts and decorative design. This event will showcase the use of both traditional off-axis pointed pens and less formal writing implements like pencils and ballpoint pens. Also included will be a discussion of the history and philosophy of the style, its relation to other forms of world calligraphy, and the open-ended nature of calligraphical creativity.

Although calligraphy has long been part of meditative practice in Asia, such as the Japanese Zen art of shodo, the Western art of Spencerian script calligraphy can also help to cultivate inner peace and increase the amount of beauty and goodness in the world. The practice of calligraphy may make one more mellow, may increase self-confidence, self-esteem, focus, patience, and/or concentration, and may help one feel more connected to humanity’s history and heritage — all valuable virtues as we work to build a global culture of peace, compassion, and happiness.

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