Help cure the rare eye disease Achromatopsia!
People with achromatopsia suffer from complete or almost complete colorblindness, poor visual acuity (e.g. 20/160 to 20/200) that cannot be helped with glasses, and extreme light sensitivity.  As you might expect, achromatopsia makes many careers, hobbies, and daily activities difficult (or impossible).  There are currently no cures for achromatopsia.

In recent years, the first-ever organization dedicated specifically to raising money and funding research toward treatments and cures for achromatopsia was started up.  This non-profit charitable corporation is named (appropriately enough) AchromaCorp.  See their web site for full details.

Please help us to find a cure for this debilitating but little-known eye disease!

If you can donate even a small amount (e.g. $5, $10, $15, etc.) that would be greatly appreciated.  Donations are tax-exempt for income tax purposes.

And unlike many other eye diseases, there are no famous celebrities or sports stars or wealthy philanthropists dedicated to curing achromatopsia.  So achromatopsia patients and their families are counting on the generosity of friends and neighbors, like you, to help fund research into treatments and cures.

Calligraphy Links

The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting – this is the main organization for pointed pen calligraphers

One of the wonders of calligraphy are the highly decorated flourished initials of the baroque era, sometimes called “spring’d” or “sprigged” letters.  Here is a nice example of one!  I want to figure out how these were done and add that to my lessons offerings.

Some videos related to Calligraphy and Printmaking

Rotunda gothic (with totally inapropriate music 🙂 )

Metal precision hand engraving

Wood Engraving

Here’s something pretty cool.  Here in one convenient place the rules for Latin accenting which along with vowel length will let you construct proper pronunciation for recitation especially of classical poetry. (like this video)


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