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Here is my piece that was on display at the Main Library here in S.F. as part of Kalligraphia 14. This is my first print and I look forward to doing many more! It’s an intaglio linocut.

Its text (in Latin) is in Spencerian script with Baroque flourishes and reads:

Semper Maneat Roſa Buddharum Dulcis et Bona.

translation: “May the rose of (the) Buddhas, sweet and good, remain forever.” Note the use of the long-s letterform.

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Some people ask “Why Latin?” Latin is the classic language of Western Civilization, and was widely used for writing and communications in science, religion, law, history, poetry, medicine. philosophy, and other important subjects, up to around 1800. In using Latin, I’m recognizing that part of our heritage and carrying it on. And, now that the deep wisdom of the Dharma is (belatedly) arriving in the West, it is so appropriate that it should be written about in the West’s classic language.