Factitious Horn

factitious_horn Around the end of November 2016 I decided I wanted a factitious horn as a practice tool for my cornetto. So I assembled the instrument shown here: an 1.5 foot nicely conical funnel and 11.5 feet of plastic tube, this assemblage being about the same length of tubing as a true horn. I also got a generic cheap trumpet mouthpiece.

At first, I didn’t consider this as an especially useful instrument but as my embouchure got better, I began to appreciate it as a natural horn independent of its use as a practice supplement for my cornetto. So, now I have a goal to get good enough on it to be able to play it outdoors on astronomy trips and sound beautiful fanfares and calls that echo across the hills and dales. In order to give a more authentic mellow sound that is less objectionable to my astronomy buddies, I recently bought a decent horn mouthpiece which I should be getting in a few days. update: I got it on March 6.

These mouthpieces are silver plated and thus subject to tarnishing. Happily, I found this method which works well to keep them bright, without removing any silver as polishing would. Even so, to make sure tarnish is scarcely allowed to build up, I’ll keep my mouthpieces sealed in plastic bags when not in use.

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