Another calligraphy print soon?

Lately I’ve started to consider doing another Buddhist calligraphy print. Inspired by some of the very impressive work of the 15th century woodblock carvers, the idea of doing it as a true woodblock has great appeal! This seems especially appropriate since the earliest dated printed book was a Chinese print of the Diamond Sutra done from woodblocks.

Not feeling quite up to the challenge of doing a woodcut relief print in a pointed-pen style, the plan is to use one of the broad-edge pen hands.

Being a first attempt at wood carving, the content will probably be something pretty simple, maybe the 7 factors of awakening, or 8-fold path items, or a bit from the Dhammapada. I do want to include at least a little flourish- or scroll-work however. Much as I like Latin, this one seems better suited to Pāli.

As with all my Buddhist calligraphy pieces, this work will be for free distribution.

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